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Bayfikr is excited to announce a partnership with BILRS that aims to transform the way people manage their remittance & cross-border payments from the UK. The aim of the partnership is to provide customers with a seamless and innovative payment experience than they are used to.

Through this tie-up, customers who send money to or make payments in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Nigeria, Philippines, and other countries, will benefit from a wide range of features and services, including:

1. Streamlined Payment Process: Users can seamlessly pay bills, do mobile top ups or send money through a user-friendly and intuitive platform that simplifies the payment process.

2. Real-time Notifications: They will receive instant notifications and alerts, payment confirmations, and any changes in information.

3. Personalized Financial Insights: Users will gain access to comprehensive financial insights and analytics, empowering customers to make informed decisions about their spending and budgeting.

This partnership will allow Bayfikr ’s customers to make better payments in and money transfers to their home countries from the UK, allowing them to take better care of their loved ones.


An article by:

Anna Gilmer

For further information,
please contact:

Press Office
Canary Wharf Group plc
020 7418 2166

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