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In recent years, the fintech industry has experienced a significant transformation, with women actively participating and succeeding in this dynamic landscape.

Fintech has traditionally been a field dominated by men. Yet, women are now contributing to the industry with fresh perspectives, skill sets, and leadership styles. As it continues to grow, women are not just participants but key architects of innovation and improvement. They are redefining the connection between finance and technology, challenging stereotypes, and paving the way for a more inclusive future in fintech.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, join us in honouring the female minds shaping the future of fintech. We’ll share perspectives, experiences, and sources of inspiration from leaders breaking down barriers and daily piloting the ever-changing financial technology skies — our remarkable Salt Edge women.

Authenticity and growth

What I love most about fintech is how it always keeps you on your toes. You have to continuously evolve and find new ways to add value. I started it as a personal challenge to adapt to something radically different from what I had done before. Moving from FMCG marketing, brand management, and business administration to a strongly regulated industry was overwhelming at first. Now, there are no more distinct industry lines; everything is merging into ecosystems where all kinds of businesses intertwine. And when it comes to making fintech more diverse, it’s all about giving everyone a chance to grow, learn, and share their ideas, regardless of their gender. It’s about assessing people based on their skills and how they can contribute. My advice to anyone interested in fintech or any other industry is to be authentic, learn to actively listen and collaborate, and invest in continuous learning. I believe that by being genuine and contributing towards common goals, one can find joy in their work, regardless of the industry or gender.

Alina Beleuta, Chief Growth Officer, 3 years in fintech

Embrace the challenge

I initially joined Salt Edge as an iOS developer, transitioning into the role of a product manager. The shift from a technical to a product role and terminology were two of the difficulties I faced when I started my career in fintech. Nevertheless, constantly following the fintech industry and learning about its technologies, data, services, and market helped me progress professionally. Moreover, changing perspectives, implementing OKRs, and establishing clear goals have significantly aided me in setting the right priorities. For women working in the industry, being prepared to stay ahead of the latest technologies, regulations, and fintech “infrastructure” is crucial. Although this world may seem unfamiliar, it is worth exploring. Do not be scared of the vast amount of unknown; instead, embrace the challenge.

Olga Gorceag, Product Manager, 8 years in fintech

Unique perspective

I’ve always been drawn to the fintech sector because it’s fascinating, constantly changing, and full of challenges. As a Chief Marketing Officer in fintech, I find the blend of innovation and customer-centricity particularly rewarding. Fintech allows us to challenge traditional marketing approaches and experiment with emerging technologies to create personalised experiences for our customers. Diversity isn’t just the right thing to do in the fintech industry-it’s a smart move. Women bring a unique perspective to fintech, which can add a fresh touch to the mix.
My advice to aspiring women in fintech is to embrace their unique strengths and not shy away from challenges. Remember that your voice and perspective are invaluable contributions to shaping the future of finance.

Jane Rimscaia, Chief Marketing Officer, 1,5 years in fintech

Continuous learning

While I dream of a future without the need for gender-centric titles, I recognise the importance of emphasising diversity now. Reflecting on my journey in fintech as a woman, I’ve navigated through legal, business development, and customer success teams in the past 3 years. Change is my constant companion, shaping me into a more resilient and versatile professional. I strongly believe we shouldn’t be afraid of change but instead embrace new things, love our new selves, and strive to learn every day.

Mihaela Babici, Head of Customer Success, 3 years in fintech

Zhenya Winter, ambassador for Women of Fintech, member of the Women in Alliances organisational board, and member of the Women in Fintech Power List 2022, stated that the fintech industry is unique due to the variety of products and functions that make up the space. Because of this, skill sets that satisfy an individual’s needs in the industry are not restricted, and we must debunk the misconception that this is an exclusive field.

[…] I fundamentally disagree with the fact that we don’t have female talent within fintech, and I see evidence of this daily when I look at LinkedIn, industry media, and events. What is lacking is that there is still a disconnect between that talent and the top jobs. This is a shame, as an industry like FinTech should be based on meritocracy, and the larger range of talent you have to choose from and nurture, the stronger your company is going to be […].

As advice for women aspiring to work in the fintech industry, she points out:

Always be true to yourself, as you are good enough. Do not suffer from imposter syndrome – know your value. No matter your personality and background, there is an opportunity to succeed. If you work hard and foster strong relationships with your stakeholders, then you are halfway there. I have found that being a strong marketer isn’t enough within payments. I have spent a lot of time and effort to be a subject matter expert in what I do. This means that I can best represent my company, stakeholders, and myself. Lastly, everything I do is based on putting the customer front and centre and building trust. The truth is, if people like you as a person and see that you are doing your best, then you will always be successful. On that note, make sure you give back to your colleagues and communities in equal measure to what you take. Always be ready to say something nice about a colleague when they leave the room, and you will get it back threefold throughout your inevitably successful career.

This Women’s History Month, Salt Edge extends the warmest wishes to all women, mothers,  daughters, sisters,  executives, scientists, engineers, astronauts, and athletes. May every one of you find inspiration to conquer challenges and thrive through all your goals and dreams!


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