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News and Insight - Wharf Life: Level39 takes on Money20/20 Europe!


How are you finding the return of in-person networking? Conference season has certainly started for us at Level39! 

We recently attended Money20/20 in Amsterdam, the largest fintech conference in Europe. Held over three jam-packed days in June, the event attracts over 7,000 people, bringing together fintech leaders, innovators, and investors. It offers panel discussions, fire-side chats and announcements from regulators, corporates, and institutions, all taking place alongside the disrupters such as Revolut, Spotify, Stripe and more. 

For us, attending conferences like this is a game-changer for business development. There is no replacement for building relationships with future clients, partners, and collaborators in person – all in an environment that naturally convenes like-minded people. In ways, it made me think of the tech ecosystem we’ve built in Canary Wharf – there was an endless stream of ‘water-cooler’ and coffee chats, serendipitous meetings with fintech friends and the meeting of minds and ideas (sometimes over a Moscow mule)!

We had the opportunity to connect with a host of international delegations whilst we were there too – entrepreneurs from London, Estonia, Australia, Lithuania, Georgia (US) and more flocked to the RAI Conference Centre in Amsterdam. An important take-away from these meetings was how London remains a key destination for startups in Europe who are considering their growth plans, with its key strengths in talent, fintech adoption and investment. It seems in a post-Brexit and post-pandemic world London is still at the forefront of businesses looking to scale globally. 

If you’ve not attended before and have a keen interest in connecting with like-minded people in fintech, I urge you to register for Money 20/20 Europe in 2023!


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Amy French

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