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News and Insight - Velexa chosen as one of six industry-disrupting start-ups at Money20/20 Europe


Money20/20, the world’s leading fintech show, has highlighted six promising start-ups for their 2024 European show and Velexa is one of them. Money20/20 believes that the selected start-ups are true industry disruptors that could fundamentally impact the world of fintech. To introduce Velexa to the media Tamara Kostova, a visionary leader in financial technology, delivered a pitch at the Money20/20 Europe show Press Lounge on June 5, focusing on the critical shift from financial literacy to trust in investing. Kostova shared ground-breaking insights on transforming the investment landscape for nascent investors.

“The problem we thought we were trying to solve was financial literacy,” Kostova stated, “but then we realised the real problem was trust. It wasn’t just about building another app where people could invest. It was about using a blended model that would work hand-in-hand with nascent investors to really kickstart their wealth journey. We must create psychological safety within investors before encouraging them to take calculated risks with investing.”

Globally, retail investors hold $59 trillion in assets, yet only 10% effectively grow their wealth through investing. This reveals a stark gap: a desire for financial well-being hindered by limited access and insufficient education. Across Europe, incumbent institutions already have the trust of these nascent investors, and through those channels, we are better positioned to offer multi-asset investing options. In addition to leveraging the human touch, our technological advancements enable easier investing journeys, such as investment baskets and robo-advisory services.

Kostova’s address highlighted the features of Velexa’s cutting-edge Wealthtech platform, designed to empower any financial institution to embed investing services seamlessly. As a B2B SaaS company, they respond directly to end-user demand for a personalised investing experience by offering educational content, social engagement features, personalisation, and a mobile-first approach—all within a single, customizable platform. Investors, from beginners to sophisticated traders, can manage multi-asset, multi-currency investing accounts tailored to their needs. The platform provides brandable front-end apps with extensive customisation options, allowing any institution to retain its unique brand identity while offering products that match their investing expertise and aspirations.

“Financial literacy is not just about knowledge, but the actual practice and integration of trading behaviour and growth,” Kostova emphasised. “We aim to bridge the gap between the desire to grow one’s wealth and action in financial wellbeing through innovative, trust-building technology solutions.” She also noted that ” Wealthtech has the power and therefore the responsibility to enhance financial literacy and accessibility. By developing intuitive investing applications on the Velexa platform, we’re not just helping Europeans manage their finances; we’re empowering them to embark on a transformative wealth journey.”

About Tamara Kostova

CEO and Founder of leading WealthTech Velexa, Tamara Kostova, has spent over 20 years driving strategy and transformation in top-tier financial technology companies and banks including Deutsche Bank, UBS, and Thomson Reuters. Recognized as a dedicated marathon runner, Forbes Female Leader 2023 and Stevie Awards Female Entrepreneur, Tamara is a passionate advocate for increasing financial literacy globally and making investing accessible for everyone.

About Velexa

Headquartered in London, Velexa is the only multi-asset platform that offers a cutting-edge B2B2C WealthTech technology that empowers banks, brokers, wealth managers, and other institutions to embed investing services in their portfolios, delivering a unified personal finance experience for their end users, making finance less intimidating.

For media inquiries, please contact:
Stephany Hu stephany.zoo@velexa.com
or write to contact@velexa.com to explore how Velexa’s technology is reshaping the future of investing.


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