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News and Insight - Foxberry’s foxf9® expands Rize ETF’s range with new Circular Economy Enablers theme

Rize ETF’s Expansion


London, 31 May 2023: Foxberry today announced that Rize ETF is launching and listing a new exchange traded fund (“ETF”) which has been developed on Foxberry’s foxf9® platform, giving  exposure to stocks of companies that have been identified as enablers of the transition to a more circular economy.

The Rize Circular Economy Enablers UCITS ETF seeks to replicate the Foxberry SMS Circular Economy Enablers index. The new ETF is listed today on the London Stock Exchange under the exchange ticker CYCL.

This new ETF launch brings Rize ETF’s total ETF offering to nine, complementing existing sustainable thematic ETF offerings, all of which replicate Foxberry indices. Foxberry’s foxf9 platform has quickly become the platform of choice for ETF and product issuers prioritising better tools for good and robust index construction as well as optimised feedback loops during the R&D process. The open architecture platform allows customers to use multiple data sources, including from other index providers, and incorporate ESG data from numerous sources in combination with their own analysis for index development and analytics. With foxf9, a user can backtest portfolio models, screen on sustainability parameters, auto-generate index rule books and pitchbooks, and instantly analyse index compositions, including sustainability performance. The user-friendly web interface means no programming skills are required.

The circular economy is a departure from our current economic model in which resources are extracted, turned into products, used—generally not to their full potential—and then eventually thrown away. The linear economy is an innately polluting economy that degrades natural systems over time and is also a key driver of the world’s global resource challenge, impacting the degradation of our ecosystems and biodiversity. Conversely, a “circular” economic model redefines production and consumption around principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use for as long as possible and fostering a regenerative approach to resource management. It entails redesigning products to be more durable, reusable, repairable and recyclable, and therefore kept in circulation for as long as possible.

Circular as opposed to linear means that we move away from the wasteful management approach of ‘take-make-waste’, to an approach that is sustainable across generations. Foxberry’s foxf9 has given us unparalleled capabilities and enabled us to explore this theme with the urgency it deserves.

Rahul Bhushan, Co-founder/director of Rize ETF

We know how much analysis, R&D and consideration are behind each of the Rize ETF launches. We are pleased to have enabled Rize ETF’s new important and innovative launch via our foxf9 platform.

Henrik Brunlid, CEO of Foxberry

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