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News and Insight - Wharf Life: Surviving a Crypto-Winter


HOFDL (hold on for dear life) or sell and tap out? The crypto market has been a rollercoaster of highs and lows over the years, and recently we saw another downturn due to a soar in inflation and the brink of a recession. Will this mean it’s all over for cryptocurrencies, or can we forecast a comeback soon enough?

I am hopeful, especially because our community at Level39 is home to a multitude of fintech’s operating in the crypto and blockchain space. Our members leading and navigating the space include Applied Blockchain, Etoro, CoinJar, Blockship, and YAP Global – all doing different, but exciting, things.

Helping us to better understand the current crypto climate, we were lucky to be joined by a brilliant panel of crypto experts, as part of McDermott Will & Emery’s event at Level39 ‘Surviving Winter: What’s next for Crypto?’. Each panelist spoke about their own experience over the past years, but there are no doubts that winter 2022 is going to be a challenge. Joined by Nabil Manji, Head of Crypto at WorldPay, Amber Ghaddar, Founder of Alliance Block, Min Teo, Managing Partner at Ethereal Ventures, and Ed Cooper, Head of Crypto at Revolut (one of Level39’s original members) the group discussed the different strategies for surviving a ‘crypto-winter’. They explored ways to cope with the recent market crash and the regulation issues surrounding crypto. The future of Web3 and its use within the crypto sphere sparked a lively conversation on whether its decentralized nature will give us more control of our data and make the internet a safer place for users. The panelists also looked back to the launch of Web 1 in the 90s and compared the opportunities posed by this nascent but one-dimensional internet, to the peer-to-peer run network of Web3.  

The discussion offered plenty of insight from our distinguished panel, but it seemed the future of crypto remains largely uncertain. We hope to see you next time at Level39 to join for these discussions in person! To stay up to date with future events and to access the recording of this ‘Surviving Winter: What’s next for Crypto’ event, please sign up to our newsletter!


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