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How can technology and life sciences work well together? That’s a great question, I hear you ask. And something our latest Level39 member, The Cancer Awareness Trust, is demonstrating daily through engagement with our tech community here in Canary Wharf.

The Cancer Awareness Trust is the charity behind The Cancer Platform, a platform actively in development with the aim of transforming the lives of those living with cancer. Given today’s statistics, one in two of us will need to use a platform like this at some point in our lives, so it’s important that the technology and partnerships to deliver this are done right. That’s where Level39 and our community come in. Level39 and Canary Wharf Group are a Founding Partner of The Cancer Awareness Trust, and part of our role in supporting the development of this incredible platform is facilitating introductions to our members and wider network, who may be able to enable the technology development, scope, and outreach of this platform. 

In late October, The Cancer Awareness Trust hosted an event for Level39 members, to introduce the mission of The Cancer Platform, and how organisations and individuals can get involved. The team also introduced one of their Founding Patrons, Paresh Davdra, the Founder and CEO of RationalFX and xendpay, a scaleup fintech neighbour, also based in One Canada Square. The event was the first opportunity for the team to formally introduce themselves to the Level39 community and they have since established connections with Level39 members across tech, data, trust, reach, communications, and content. 

The Cancer Awareness Trust is one of many health organisations in Canary Wharf, innovating to create a better life for millions. We are excited to see the life sciences ecosystem developing in Canary Wharf as we look towards the 2026 completion of 800,000 sqft lab-enabled space on the estate. To learn more about The Cancer Awareness Trust, Level39 and the Canary Wharf Group life sciences developments, please visit our websites (www.level39.co / www.thecancerplatform.com).


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