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News and Insight - Vesuvio Labs launches a new Offshore software development model

Offshore software development model


Vesuvio Labs comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds in finance, technology, and entrepreneurship, supporting start-ups with ideation, strategy, product development, DevOps and tech management processes, creating sustainable and impactful businesses that solve real-world problems.

Traditional software development offshore involves handing over substantial control over a business function to a unit abroad, requiring physical maintenance, close oversight and resources management. With that in mind, Vesuvio Labs created a Talent Co-working model designed to combine the best features of Upwork together with traditional offshore software development.

This way, companies can complement and extend their existing in-house Dev team, augmenting flexibly on-demand. A few highlights:

  • Quality control: an extended Dev team following DevOps best practices and equipped with Developer tools, a VM, VPN & laptop, and a workspace at our premises to work from, run by us
  • We’ll handle the management of Dev resources, by helping select the best candidates and onboard complementing skillsets, extending the workforce you already have for extra consistency

Here are the different roles we can complement your tech team with:

  • Senior/Junior Devs
  • DevOps engineers
  • UX/UI Designers
  • QA/Test Automation engineers
  • Software Architects
  • ML/Data Scientists

All this comes with a fixed monthly fee. Let us know whether you want to learn more about our competitive pricing structure.

Website: www.vesuvio.io
Twitter: @labsvesuvio
LinkedIn: Vesuvio Labs
Digital Rocket Fuel podcast: Listen Here
News letter: Sign Up
Email: info@vesuvio.io


An article by:

Anna Gilmer

For further information,
please contact:

Press Office
Canary Wharf Group plc
020 7418 2166

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