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I’m pleased to welcome you to the first Wharf Life column from Level39. My name is Amy French and I’ve been Director at Level39 since 2020, having joined the team in 2014. If you are someone that lives, works, shops, or visits Canary Wharf frequently, you may not be aware of the thriving technology community sitting 39 floors above some of you. In today’s column, I’d like to give you a short preview of what you can expect from Level39 in Canary Wharf, and how this column will evolve over the next few months. 

Level39, launched by Canary Wharf Group in 2013, boasts a thriving community of around 180 companies situated across three floors in One Canada Square. In recent years, it has diversified to welcome companies outside of its well-known sector of fintech, to include innovators in green tech and smart cities, blockchain, life sciences and more.

At Level39, there are various collaborative spaces, including co-working, offices, meeting rooms and breakout areas. As soon as you arrive, you’ll experience the energy and buzz of those working for the start-ups and fast-growth businesses that occupy the space. As you pass reception, you’ll head towards Cafe39, a popular spot to hang out with colleagues, host visitors and enjoy the impressive panoramic views of the London city skyline.  The café often doubles as an evening event venue, and we recently hosted a member breakfast there, welcoming them back to the office – free pastries and coffee was (unsurprisingly) incredibly popular!

Our Level39 members not only have access to unparalleled facilities, but also to a connected network, events, and opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs that call Level39 home. Our ecosystem is not made up of only member companies, but also consists of an enthusiastic pool of mentors, investors and partners, who offer support, advice, services and often funding to these ambitious businesses. 

You won’t be surprised to hear that Level39’s curriculum and content moved online for much of the pandemic, offering continued opportunity to engage during a time of prolonged home-working. During this period, Level39’s virtual membership was born, formally welcoming the international and UK-wide companies to the community. 

Expect to see a lot of activity from Level39 in 2022, with an array of events, activities and initiatives supporting our community of tech companies in Canary Wharf and beyond. As part of this Wharf Life series, I’ll dive into specific themes and initiatives we’re working on at Level39, and a selection of our members will be featured to give you an insight into the journeys of these ambitious innovators. 

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