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BRING is a global company, successful in over thirty countries, with a unique value proposition for the UK Financial Services space, enabling digital transformation for traditional banks, leveraging a quick go-to market for new digital banks, and providing integration with Fintechs.

Ramiro Salgado, Managing Director of the UK, met earlier this year with Carlos Alves, BRING’s co-founder and CEO, to discuss the potential to enter the UK market. This was the natural next stage for BRING, and so Ramiro and Carlos needed to work out the best way to do it.

I have a background in IT, and for many years I worked with sales, marketing and delivery teams, and eventually co-founded a global company to implement business solutions for mid-size and large companies, with a local presence in the UK, Poland, Brazil and Portugal.

“BRING struck me as a very challenging project, one that combines various success factors: the implementation approach, the platforms for digital transformation, analytics and integration, combined with the with the unprecedented times as a result of the global pandemic.”

“Before the pandemic, the digital transformation in the financial services sector was already ongoing, but with the pandemic, we have witnessed the increase in demand for digital banking. Everyone in the sector is trying to quickly catch up, looking for the safest, fastest, more efficient way to bridge the gap between traditional legacy systems and this new age of mobile, multichannel and open banking. This also implies more easily accessed data which is presented to the decision makers as valuable insights so they can provide a more dedicated service to the bank’s customers. A satisfying and fulfilling experience equals happy customers, who will stay with the bank and engage with other services and products. In turn, this can lead to new, emerging technological solutions. BRING’s offering covers this whole journey, and that’s why dozens of clients in three different continents continue to work with us.”

For BRING, setting up in the UK was the best decision to start their upcoming project: A Marketplace to connect Banks and Fintechs.

“The “perfect storm” was brewing, the opportunity to the lead the UK business came, and I accepted the challenge.”


Implementation approach:

BRING understand that business value is unlocked through technology, enabled by the human factor, to quickly deliver measurable business results for the clients. “We strive to make an impact on millions of people’s lives by solving our clients’ challenges.”

BRING has the perfect mix of being both global and local. “We bring highly specialised global resources to where our customers are. Our local presence enables us to be close to our clients, create customer intimacy and deliver with local persons that understand the particular requirements of local markets, which is fundamental since the regulation is very country specific.”

Digital Transformation:

Digital disruption is occurring at all levels in the banking industry, from new competition to new technology, and increased customer expectations.

BRING addresses Digital Transformation with three main pillars: data, integration and customer experience. “We help improve the customer experience, accelerating the delivery of digital products and services, remaining competitive in the marketplace, reducing costs and increasing revenue, adding our contribution to redefine how banking services will be offered in the coming years.”

Analytics and integration platform

To enable decision-making BRING deliver Real Time and Predictive Analytics services and solutions, unlocking value from pre-packaged, scalable and flexible data model for banking, that ensures an integrated business and customer-centric vision. Banks can measure the quality of individual interactions and optimize customer journeys, leading to a better overall customer experience, assessing, retaining and improving customer satisfaction.

Aiming to reduce time-to-market of integration needs within the organization, we leverage business growth with API based integration platforms.

Open Banking and Fintechs

Open Banking offers financial institutions access to highly differentiating fintech partners for an enriched digital banking experience. Bring has strong API and Integration (ESB) capabilities. “We help customers to address Open Banking through further enhancement and transformation of their current offerings, and making the bridge with Fintechs.”

Through BRING’s Integration Platform, banks can connect to other organizations in the open banking marketplace.

Future Plans and Level39

“We have two main goals for BRING. The first is to consistently address the financial services space and deliver new projects for new clients, both traditional banks and new digital banks. At the same time, we are actively looking for Fintechs to partner with to grow a Marketplace for banks. From our clients worldwide, we see the demand for differentiating offerings, and we are in a unique position to advise, with the added value of our experience as an integrator partner.

Our natural environment is the financial services space, both the traditional banks and the new digital banks and Fintechs.”

Level 39 seems a natural partner, one which will help increase awareness and for the networking opportunities. I met some of the people at Level 39, so I already knew we could count with professionalism, sympathy, and the sense of business we like to relate to in our partners.


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Ramiro Salgado

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