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Our Community — Case Studies - Datatonic’s Journey at Level39

Datatonic's journey at Level39

A leader for Data + AI consulting on Google Cloud, Datatonic specialises in data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. They aim to  help businesses leverage their data to gain insights, improve decision-making processes, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

Joining Level39 in 2015, Datatonic’s journey started with a few co-working memberships, which quickly progressed to a small office, catalyzing the beginning of several office moves, expanding as the business scaled, eventually taking a 100+ person office on High Growth Space:24. Datatonic continued it’s lease, graduating from Level39 and continuing tenancy in Canary Wharf in 2023.

“Louis Decuypere, Founder and CEO, Datatonic: “Datatonic really benefited from the flexibility and the professional environment that Level39 offered in the first years of the business. We took around 7 different office configurations scaling up to 100 people, allowing us to be cost effective while enjoying a very premium workplace. When the time came to fix a long-term property lease, staying in Canary Wharf was a no-brainer. Canary Wharf feels more vibrant than ever, blending in residential and commercial development, with a strong vision on the future and focus on sustainability, and very good commute access. Plus, we really enjoy the long-term partnership we built with the teams behind Level39 and Canary Wharf Group.”

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