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Our Community — Case Studies - Revolut’s journey at Level39

FinTech giant and global neobank, Revolut, began its journey at Level39 in 2014.


FinTech giant and global neobank, Revolut, began its journey at Level39 in 2014, when founders Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenkoset set up two hot desk memberships office space. By 2015 Revolut was scaling quickly and experienced significant growth not long after its launch. Within a few years it had expanded its services, workforce, and office space – occupying a 45-desk private office on High Growth Space:24 by 2017.

Level39 played a crucial role in providing support, resources, and a nurturing environment for Revolut during its early stages. This helped Revolut to establish itself as a fintech disruptor and grow into the global financial services company it is today.

By 2018 Revolut had already achieved unicorn status, meaning it was valued over $1billion, signifying its takeover in the fintech industry. Since then, it has continued to expand its services and geographical reach, making it one of the prominent players in the digital banking and financial technology sector.

In February 2018, Revolut made the move to Westferry Circus, advancing to a Canary Wharf Group tenancy.


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