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Where it all began

Founded in 1997, BilgeAdam Technology is a leading IT services company specialising in delivering exceptional software development solutions and managed services. Internationally, the company consists of over 1,500 full-time employees and continues to expand with its growing success. Committed to delivering innovative products, solutions, and services, BilgeAdam supports over 5,000 clients including world renowned enterprises such as Johnson & Johnson, HSBC, Mercedes, Nike, Pfizer, Shell, and a variety of startups.

BilgeAdam has been an international IT Services company for the past 25 years, with three core groups based in UK, Netherlands and nearshore development and R&D centers in Turkey.

As part of BilgeAdam’s international expansion plans, they have launched in the UK and situated the company at Level39 in Canary Wharf were Haldun Pak, Suman Alamsetti and Kevin Robertson are based. We spoke with Suman Alamsetti, Managing Director, to find out more about what the company offers and their journey so far.

BilgeAdam Partnerships

For more than 20 years, BilgeAdam has been the largest partner of Microsoft in the EMEA region. With 12 Microsoft competencies, it’s not only the largest partner, but also highly recognised for its talent by being selected as the best Business Partner of the Year for 10 consecutive years within the EMEA region. BilgeAdam partners with many other tech vendors including AWS, Google, Dell, IBM, Autodesk and Apple.

IT Development Partner – near shore and on-site extension of your team

With the shift to remote working, accelerated by the pandemic, it was important for BilgeAdam to be able to offer both on-site and nearshore services. Having development centres based in Turkey, allows them to get the best talent out there for their client’s remote development projects based in the UK and Europe. This is in parallel with local onsite resources offering onsite team extensions in both the UK and in Europe.

“We offer cost effective, high-quality IT services both locally in the UK and Europe, and also nearshore from Turkey”

BilgeAdam Training Academy

A key part of BilgeAdam is the well-renowned IT training academy which has a graduate employability rate of 90% – a record level in Turkey. Both the Booster programme and Bootcamps alone churn out over 10,000 developers per year! Within the last 15 years, BilgeAdam began working with larger corporate companies upskilling in-house IT departments.

“BilgeAdam is one of the 47 members of the Leading Learning Partners Association (LLPA), each of which is the leading IT Training institution in its own country. “

Go-to-Market Partner

BilgeAdam prides themselves on not only being cost effective, but time efficient too. Taking products from concept to market in as short a time as possible.

BilgeAdam consists of 1,500+ full-time employees, 700 certified experts, 1000+ Engineers, 1000+ projects completed, 15 global awards, 5000+ customers, 7 high-end offices, 50+ business partners and 1000+ remote developers.

Why Level39?

Level39 was a good fit for BilgeAdam as it opened up an entire new network of people from both startups and scaleups. They have already collaborated and offered services to existing Level39 members and received positive feedback. “Level39 is the right place for us in the UK market. For example, the companies at Level39 have very flexible needs, so if they need many developers in a short space of time, we can deliver effectively with hard precision.”

What does the future hold for BilgeAdam at Level39?

BilgeAdam plans to target larger enterprises in the UK with the hope to broaden its market in a few years’ time. To find out more about BilgeAdam and what they are up to you can reach out to Suman Alamsetti at: suman.alamsetti@bilgeadam.com or you can also visit their website: www.bilgeadamtechnologies.com

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