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Our Community — Case Studies - OneLinQ

Founded in 2015 by parent company, Pelican.AI, OneLinQ was launched as an Open Banking provider, specialising in Payments, AIS services on top of open banking data, and Intelligent Compliance as a Service (ICAAS). The idea was to bring together three main parts of Open Banking and allow consumers to integrate to one API, to access any or all of these services. With its headquarters based in the Netherlands, OneLinQ situates its UK presence here at Level39.

We spoke with Jack Crabtree, Sales Director for OneLinQ, who has been with the company since January 2023 and heads up the sales effort out of the UK,

“After working at Envestnet Yodlee for a long time, I gained valuable and extensive experience in the Open Banking Space and selling globally too. I’ve also run my own consultancy business for a few years”.

What makes OneLinQ stand out from competitors?

“It really depends on the engagement. In a typical aggregation standpoint, we stand out typically in not just being a “data warehouse” and providing insight APIs to allow customers to do more with their data. Added to that we can also support Payment Initiation services in 28 countries across Europe. Finally ICAAS, allows our customers to not only verify a document whilst onboarding their users but also help with their compliance obligations such as anti-money laundering monitoring and KYC checks”.

Joining Level39

Jack is certainly familiar with Level39, having spent five and a half years here with his previous employer. “Setting up OneLinQ’s office at Level39 was an easy decision – access to your partnerships and wider ecosystem is a huge advantage, not just for FinTech start-ups but also other companies looking to expand their footprint in the UK/ Europe.”

Do you see any potential collaboration within the L39 Community?

“Yes, hopefully there should be a lot. For starters we’re offering all L39 members access to preferential rates to use our products and services, we’d love to speak to members about how they can access these too.”

What are the main challenges facing OneLinQ? 

Unlike many other aggregators, OneLinQ doesn’t just provide the data – they also provide other services which can add value to certain sectors, whilst tying in payment services intelligently to help with both data and payment execution. “Personally, I think the biggest issue is understanding OneLinQ is far more than just, to quote a colleague, “a data warehouse”.”

One piece of advice you wish you knew when starting out?

This one could probably be applied to more than just business, but for me it’s focus. I’ve seen businesses and people (myself included on both fronts) try to go too far and wide whilst still gaining traction, and never really getting enough depth to move the needle which results in struggle. Naturally if there’s no traction, pivoting a strategy is necessary, but when momentum is building, focus on the core proposition/ role and expand later”

What’s next for OneLinQ

OneLinQ will continue to focus on growing its presence in the UK and the Nordics. “For OneLinQ we’re current developing new products with our parent company Pelican.AI, which we will hopefully be able to announce soon”.

If you are interested in finding out more you can visit the OneLinQ website, connect with Jack on LinkedIn or if you see him in Level39, grab him for a chat or a coffee!

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